I do many things “Because I Love You” and abuse is not one of them.

As of 15 June 2016 at 11:00AM, my chapter entitled the above title has officially come to a close.

It has been quite a journey and a little bittersweet to say the least on closing this chapter of my life. Throughout the process I could see that I have truly grown into my skill set as a short film producer. But it is not only that, I feel as if I have grown as a person working on this film. I have grown sympathetic and more compassionate towards women who have gone through abusive relationships. Trauma like that never truly leaves the victim, or survivor, but with some time and reflection they learn to cope and move on as best as they can.


The film itself is about a woman on her journey towards self healing after an abusive relationship. She is haunted by the past of her abusive ex boyfriend and must finally confront what has happened to her in order to regain control of her life.

Being able to see all of the hard work that the cast and crew put into this film and finally being able to see it on the big screen was definitely something else.

And now we’re onto the 2016-2017 film festival circuit! Will keep you all posted! Wish us luck!

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