Learning Experiences

For the past month or so I have been given the opportunity to intern on two shoots, both of which I was able to shadow and learn quite a bit from Production Coordinators. One was a feature and the other was for a digital series.

It was through the featureĀ and digital series that I learned two new possible roles that I could really get into and be really good at, Unit Production Manager and/or Production Coordinator. Both of these roles really feed into my meticulous side and strange love for paperwork and organizing. For those of you who don’t know, both roles deal with the logistical side of production. So it’s dealing with vendors, locations, time cards, etc. etc. etc. Pretty much how to make a feature with the time and budget allocated to you. Fun right? (side note: there is no sarcasm intended at all with that last statement)

It was also through these projects that I learned how much more challenging it is to create a feature and a web series because of all the other elements that are added into it. Shorts compared to theseĀ are definitely a cake walk.

It is true what they say about the more shoots that you do the more you learn and the more experience you gain. You can’t truly go into this business knowing exactly what it is you’ll be doing in the role you signed up for. But then again, where is the fun in repetition right?

More to come soon!

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