Champagne is up for Summer 2016

This entire summer has been one hell of a ride. Definitely got more hands on learning with the industry. I got to intern on two features and a digital series. PA on a commercial and a feature. And produce (well in the process of producing) a short film. All while interning at a small production company out in Studio City. Yeah… one hell of a ride and many hours of sitting in that infamous Los Angeles traffic.

I have definitely been blessed to be given all of these opportunities that have helped me learn and guide me through the belly of this beast we call show business. What I love most about entertainment is that nothing will ever truly be the same job. It’s constantly changing and evolving and well you have to learn to adapt or get eaten alive.

This past project that I got to Office PA for was definitely the job that kicked my ass in terms of learning experiences. This was my first real taste of being an Office PA. And to be completely honest, I loved every minute of it. Sure the job is tough and it royally kicked my ass but I’ll be coming out of it with more knowledge that I can bring to other jobs.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.55.32 PM.png

I feel that when it comes to learning or preparing for the jobs that you want in entertainment it’s all based on experience. Sure you can buy all the books and go to all the classes, but really there is nothing like being thrown into the ring and getting down.

I remember when I stepped onto the set of my first feature I was shadowing the UPM (Unit Production Manager) and I asked her, “Is there anything you can tell me that I should know to prepare to be a UPM, Line, Coordinator, etc.” And she told me that there’s nothing she could really tell me except that you just learn from the different shows you get on. Each show is different. And you just learn to adapt and go from there. Another discouraged me from going down that road because all you do is paperwork. And I told him that as strange as this is going to sound I actually like paperwork. There’s a strange solace for me just knowing that I understand everything that I read. I like dealing with logistics more than creative. I think it’s mainly because I’m having a hard time creating so I’d rather help with the process of creating something. That and I also feel that there’s just too much pressure to be creative now. Everyone is creating something. But no one is truly going out there and creating anything.

From that first feature I had landed my first industry internship where I got to see what it was like to work for a small production company. My experience here was and will truly be invaluable. I learned so much of what goes into creating a show, from prep to production. As well as what it takes to run a small independent production company.

While working there I had managed to get onto a commercial which then led to my second feature, both of which I had Set PA’d for, and then finally hopping on to my third feature while developing my fourth short film.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 8.13.13 PM.png
Views from the third.

I learned so much over the summer and I will never forget what I’ve learned and who I’ve met in the process and what they taught me.

And just like every “champagne” shot called, there is always this bittersweet feeling of knowing that something has come to a close. But with every new end is the start of a wonderfully unknown beginning. Fall 2016 I’m ready to see what you have in store for me.

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