And just like that summer came and went… Now what?

It’s strange, not going back to school. You go to school for almost 20 years that to finally be done and not have to go back is a little strange. To be fair though, I didn’t realize it was that time of year until I saw it on my social media feeds of people younger than myself going back to school.

But I have to say that this summer I was extremely lucky when it came to work. I think it’s because I juggled work while I was also at school. That finding work (or work finding me) immediately after graduating came easily. As you may know, I went on back to back shows almost a month after graduating. I hopped on to a commercial, then day playing a few days on a TV show, then a short, and finally a shorts series. To say that my summer was busy is an understatement. Again, I was extremely lucky when it came to work.

But now that I’ve hopped off this short series and I finally find myself unemployed. Now what? Well you hop right into the freelance bullet train. You apply every where. Keep an eye out for all job postings. Answer all phone calls. Read all of the emails. Never stop until the next opportunity comes. Even when opportunity comes, you don’t stop looking.

For those of you, who read this and are on this same bullet train or trying to get onto this bullet train. You can do it! Just have to constantly put yourself out there. Don’t stop looking, even if you are currently working on a show or another job. Don’t expect jobs to just come to you or you’ll never get your pinky toe in the door.

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