That’s A Wrap CSULB!

IMG_6420So yesterday was a pretty exciting day. Care to guess why?

Well if you follow me on Instagram you’d know. But if you don’t for the past thirty days I have been counting down to this day. And what day is that? GRADUATION DAY!

After 19 years of being in school, I can finally say I am done. Your girl has finished and received a BA in Film and Electronic Arts.

Oh yes, yesterday was quite the exciting day. My five years at California State University, Long Beach were probably going to be my more memorable years of my life. I went in as Computer Science then undeclared for a bit to focus on my general education then went on to Marketing until I finally got to settle on Film. You can say that my degree transitions were probably as colorful as that lei in the picture above.


I owe quite a bit to this school, more so than my primary, middle and high school combined. This was where I most likely made the friends that I’m going to be and they’re going to be stuck with (me) for the rest of my natural life.Not only did this place teach me how to excel in my career but this is also where I learned more about myself and grew into the (hopefully) adult woman that I am now.

I owe so much to my friends, my family and my partner for supporting me through my highs, my lows and everything in between. I could not have done this without you. With that being said, my degree is for you.

(I wish I had a group picture with friends, but unfortunately they took too long and my stomach (as well as the rest of my family) were getting hungry)

As Darryl Philbin once said,

“Everyday when I came to school, all I wanted to do was leave. So why in the world does it feel so hard to leave?”

(The Office, 2013 – “Finale” edit: changed “office” to “school” for all you sticklers out there)

But as with all great adventures, they must come to an end. So as I say good bye and essentially close this chapter of my life, I flip to a new page with hopeful eyes and begin a new one.

Good bye California State University, Long Beach you were good to me and I will always be grateful for the lessons you taught me.

And now, onwards to my next adventure!

…whatever that may be 😀

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