Because I Love You (2016)

IMG_1333Year: 2016

Written & Directed by: Amanda De Lany

Producer: Michelle Morte

Synopsis: After escaping her abusive ex boyfriend, Derrick (Derrick Dover), Audrey (Diana Diaz) falls into a spiral of depression and paranoia. Her mother (Paula Lauzon) pushes her farther by conveying a message from Derrick asking for another chance. Audrey’s cousin, Charlotte (Stephanie Mills), wants to help her out of this vicious cycle, but only she can help herself when her nightmare comes to visit.

Genre: Drama

Awards and Recognition:

  • California Women’s Film Festival 2017 Official Selection
  • Persephone’s Daughters Girls Don’t Cry Film Festival 2017 Official Selection
  • Los Angeles Cinefest 2017 Semi Finalist