Museum of Jurassic Tech. & Ice Cream

So to kick off my Summer of Museums page I have two museums I can talk about already. Which is awesome!

So the first museum is…

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Admission: they suggest a donation of $8.00 – meaning you don’t necessarily have to, but it is much appreciated if you pay the “admission” fee.

FullSizeRenderI know what you’re thinking. Jurassic technology? Why would I want to visit a place that talks about old things? Which granted is most museums anyway. But this little gem, hidden away on Venice Blvd. in Culver City is much, much more. If you like irony and quirk – then this is most definitely one of the places to visit. Unfortunately, because Β there are no photos allowed, I was not able to capture a lot of the exhibits inside.

Now don’t let this small and simple facade deter you from visiting this place. There is so much more to this place. I don’t want to give away too much about this place. But think of it like a Tardis (if you know Doctor Who). It’s a whole lot bigger on the inside. Ridiculously bigger.

The nest museum we have up is…


Admission: $23.00 **SOLD OUT**


Now unfortunately the tickets for this awesome pop up museum are all sold out. And because of this, I will give you all of the details (and pictures) to this museum.

So first thing, this museum is all about ice cream. SoΒ all throughout they feature different samples from different ice cream shops all around the LA area, such as Salt and Straw. They even give little tid bits and dedicate entire rooms to different ingredients in ice cream. And let’s be real. This ENTIRE museum is just Instagram-able. And what do I mean by that? Check out the following pictures. Don’t mind me being gross-cute with my partner. We couldn’t help ourselves. But also, could you really blame us – look at this place.

And that’s my intro to my summer of museums. Keep up with my latest adventurings and summer of museums by giving the blog a follow πŸ™‚


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